Internet tailor shop for pets appeared in Kostanay region

26 June 2017 - Kostanay Region

You can order clothes for your favorite pets without leaving home.

Kostanay doctors want to increase business knowledge about HIV and AIDS

08 June 2017 - Kostanay Region

Awareness of entrepreneurs about these diseases directly affects the rating of Kazakhstan's competitiveness.

Export of Kostanay products is hampered by the length of the quality assurance procedure
07 June 2017 - Kostanay Region
Possible ways of solving the problem and prospects for cooperation...
In Kostanay was held a training seminar for potential participants of the contest "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" and "Altyn Sapa"
05 June 2017 - Kostanay Region
Lecturers from the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs told how to...
It is proposed to establish an online register of free land plots for business in Kostanay
17 May 2017 - Kostanay Region
Lack of information about land for commerce makes businessmen spend...
Nine entrepreneurs will represent Kostanay region at the Congress of NCE RK "Atameken"
11 May 2017 - Kostanay Region
Nominations of delegates were approved by the Regional Council of...
Agrarians under the tax press
04 April 2017 - Kostanay Region
Farmers will incur additional losses when registering for VAT They...
Business encourages talented!
03 April 2017 - Kostanay Region
В регионе состоялась семнадцатая по счету церемония награждения лауреатов премий...
Be healthy, entrepreneurs
16 March 2017 - Kostanay Region
Kostanay companies will save millions of tenge on medical examination...
Microfinance Organization "Atameken-Kostanay": issued 89 loans in the amount of 316,6 billion KZT
13 March 2017 - Kostanay Region
The first taxi park appeared in Arkalyk The entrepreneur opened...
For farmers knowledge
28 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
Production of drills of the new generation "Altyn Dan" was...
Guarantees? Only on favorable terms
27 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
Kostanay businessmen asked "Housing construction guarantee fund" to relieve them...
Complaints are different, interests are common
22 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
The Chamber of entrepreneurs strengthens cooperation with prosecutor’s office and...
"You can’t make beshbarmak from the Chinese noodles!"
20 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
Kostanay entrepreneurs described the situation that has developed around the...